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About Nadia 

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Food, Nutrition, Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise ... That is what I am about! I enjoy staying healthy, fit and lean and want to share my experiences, journeys and recipe's to being lean and healthy with you. 


 I have more than ten years experience working in leading London hospitals as a specialist dietitian working in Upper GI Cancer, Head and Neck Cancer, Intensive Care Unit, Paediatric and Adolescent Nutrition in Allergies and Diabetes, General Nutrition.


Along with my  nutritional expertise, I am a qualified Personal Trainer and have completed a Masters in Sports Nutrition. 


I am registered with the British Medical Council and only provide Evidence Based Nutritional advice and keep up to date with current research advances. 


Having recently become a mother, I understand the challenges of trying to juggle a healthy lifestyle, work along with being a mother. 

With practical tips and suggestions I can assist you to implement strategies to improve your and your families nutritional health and lifestyle. 


For expert science based nutritional advice, tailored to your goals, medical history and lifestyle book an appointment now!